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  Chen Baiyi was born in Shaoyang, Hunan Province in 1926. He is now member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Artists Association and vice-president of its Hunan Branch and vice-president of Hunan Literal Federation.
His father, a calligrapher taught him calligraphy when Chen was a child. In 1946, he graduated from the Central China Art Academy where he studied and imitated the masterpieces in the Chinese history. He also interviewed famous painting masters to enrich his knowledge of traditional paintings. In the 1970s, he gathered the essence of various expressions of folk arts. In the 1980s, he travelled to Europe to study Western art. He succeeded in blending the merits of both the Western and Chinese arts in a harmonious whole and evolved a mature style of his own. His refined Gongbi figure paintings depict the elegant and lively characters of the subjects in perfect combination of simple and vigorous brushstrokes and delicate coloring. Most of his paintings capture folklores of Miao tribe in lively and moving rhythm. In the last 30 years, he has contributed much to the Chinese Artists Association, Hunan branch. Under his guidance and influence, contemporary Gongbi paintings have become a speciality of Hunan people. A group of young artists trained by him has aroused attention of the art circle in China.

Butterfly Stream

Song of Water Mill

Small Talk

Picking Beans


Mother and Son

The Gentle Breezes


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