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  Yao Kui was born in Yuanqu, Shanxi province, in 1936. He is now member of the Chinese Artists Association as well as creative executive and assistant to chief editor of People's Art Press.
In 1974, after graduating from the Wall Painting Section of Decorative Painting Department at Imperial Arts and Crafts College, he created a huge wall painting of porcelain and silver titled "Song of Mountains and Waters of Guilin" for the Exhibition Gallery of Guilin. Familiar with both western and Chinese folk art, he is able to absorb the essence of both traditional and modern forms of expression. He excels to display the beauty of mountains and waters of the country with romantic touch and his paintings are characterized by a sense of uncultivated simplicity, lyrical freshness and peaceful life joy. In recent years, his works have been exhibited and published widely in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States of America, United Kingdom, Denmark and Macau. His first personal album, "Painting Album of Yao Kui", was published in 1982.



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