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  Fine Art Gallery not only displays authentic Oriental and Western paintings for sale, but also shows several hundred masterpieces of many highly regarded Chinese and foreign artists in catalogues to meet your different tastes, including ink-wash drawings, canvas paintings, contemporary art and photos. Just pick your loved art pieces in whatever dimension you prefer to adorn your walls flexibly. With our unique services, you can now enjoy the luxury of anytime art appreciation together with free-size interior art decoration.
The rich variety our art pieces covers subjects like human figures, scenery, flowers and birds, animals and Feng Shui topics (e.g. Koi and Chinese landscape Shan Shui paintings, etc.). They are created by the dexterous painting skills and deep efforts of many famous artists. Some of these masterpieces have also been auctioned at high values, reflecting the unique style and characteristics of the painters.
Furnish your own home with great paintings reflects your personal tastes. It also creates a cozy atmosphere and elegant mood, uplifts your living quality and delights your family and visitors.
If you are running business, putting up paintings or mounting mural art in commercial premises like shopping arcades, retail outlets, offices or hotels, etc. will surely enhance the quality of your working environment and add value to your client services. Nice art decor will help to create a home feeling for your customers and they 'll be so much glad to come again.

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